About Witchy Business

Witchy Business is a pagan-based blog and shop encompassing all aspects of the pagan lifestyle.  Topics you may find covered here include general articles about various types of witchcraft and witchcraft-specific topics, book recommendations, recipes, posts about gardening, healing, gemstones, divination, tarot and oracle deck recommendations, and more.

With time, it is my hope that Witchy Business will grow to be useful resource for all who visit, regardless of age, gender, religion and beliefs.  Knowledge is meant to be shared, and one of the primary purposes of this website will be to do just that – to share knowledge with anyone who visits.  If you have something to contribute, please, don’t hold back.

About Me

I am Dryad, the Green Witch.  I am a forest-dwelling introvert, sharing my life and space with my familiar, a small black and white cat who is an extension of my soul.  I am a dreamer…an artist, writer, craftsperson, gardener, healer, cook and baker.  I’m also a certified Reiki Master & Teacher.

In my professional life, I wear many hats.  I am a freelance writer, editor, web developer/designer, graphic designer, social media consultant, and computer skills trainer.  Most of my clients employ me for more than one of these services, and I work primarily from my home office.  I have a fierce entrepreneur’s spirit, and am always looking for new and exciting ways to be in business and share my skills with others.

This website combines my passion for web design with my passion for life – the things that are posted are all have to do with topics that are important to me.  They are parts of my life, incorporated into my very being, regardless of what I am doing.

Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope what you find here will be useful for you, and that you will be back soon.

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