tarotI love a good tarot book, and, as such, you can imagine my excitement when I saw that Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Tarot, by Anthony Louis, was up for pre-order on Amazon!

Needless to say, this book was in my cart and my order submitted before I even gave it a second thought.  Now that it’s arrived and I’ve had some time to look it over, I have to say…it definitely was worth the hype!

This book is a great resource for both beginners and seasoned tarot readers.  The thing I like most about it is the fact that, for each card, a variety of interpretations from different tarot “authorities” are listed.  It’s really interesting to see how some aspects of a card’s interpretation are the same across the board, and some are radically different.  The book also gives various correspondences for each card, all organized by card, so it’s easy to find whatever you’re looking for.

If you’re just starting out with the tarot, I would recommend this book as a good starting point.  It’s a fairly large book, and may seem a bit overwhelming, but if you are able to process information and love a good resource that you’ll use long after you pass the beginner stage, this is the one for you.

If you’re a seasoned reader, I would also recommend this book.  It’s a well-written, interesting read, and I’ve found information in it that I didn’t know and that I’ve found very useful.  Having the correspondences there is also nice.

I see this book becoming my go-to tarot reference for most things, unless I’m looking for something related to a specific deck.  Even then, depending on the deck, this book might be able to provide me with what I’m looking for.

You can grab this book directly from Llewellyn by clicking here, or from Amazon.ca by clicking here.

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