IMG_9651The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards deck, by Tori Hartman, is a real gem in my collection.  I’ve had it for quite a while, but haven’t had time to post a proper review of it until now.

Unlike a lot of the decks that I feature, this deck does not have the traditional look and feel of a typical deck of oracle cards.  The cards are small compared to most oracle decks…they are only slightly larger than playing cards, as can be seen in the picture with my hand, below.  They come with a fantastic guidebook, and a beautifully-constructed box.

As is typical of decks like this, the book that comes with the cards details how to use them, but, also as is typical, you don’t need to let this restrict you in any way.  I have used this deck in all sorts of spreads, and have had really great results across the board.

The deck’s illustrations are beautiful, and each card corresponds with one of the chakras, identified by the colour around the frame of the card.  The card interpretations in the book are very detailed, making it easy for anyone to use this deck, even with no previous card experience at all.

Please visit Hartman’s website for this deck for more information about it.  Aside from very detailed information about the cards, it also features a place where you can get a free reading!  The free reading does require account registration, but it’s quick and painless.

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