IMG_0176Today’s deck recommendation is a simple and easy to use deck, suitable for grabbing a bit of guidance when you need it, without going into too much detail.

The Answer is Simple provides, as the name would suggest, simple answers to your every day questions!  I especially like this deck because it’s not one of those ones that’s all positive.  In fact, there’s a card in there that tells you very specifically to “get over yourself”, and a number of cards with other, similar messages.  How can we be objective about ourselves and what we do if we’re constantly surrounded by only positive reinforcement and positive words?  Sometimes, a reality check is necessary, and for that, this deck is perfect.

The artwork on these cards is really cute, as can be seen in the sample images below.  I often carry this deck in my purse, and consult it when I need a quick answer.  I have also used it for readings for others, and the advice these cards give is usually bang on, whether the person wants to hear the truth or not.

If you’re looking for a deck to use for positive affirmations, this deck probably isn’t the one for you.  While the majority of the cards are positive, the last thing you want when drawing a card to help motivate you is something telling you to get over yourself!


Have you used this deck?  If so, share your experiences in the comments!

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