IMG_9645Doreen Virtue’s tarot decks always intrigue me, and this one is definitely no different.  Unlike most tarot decks, the cards are the size of oracle cards (making a full deck quite a handful), and they often have characteristics of oracle cards, such as having messages printed directly on the cards themselves.

The Fairy Tarot has absolutely gorgeous artwork, and although it can be a bit of a pain to shuffle, you get used to it quickly.  This is not the first tarot deck I’ve purchased by Virtue and Valentine, so I was already used to the size and slight clumsiness of the deck…and even if I hadn’t been, the beauty of the cards would have made me work through it!

Rather than having the suits most tarot readers may be used to (cups, etc.), this deck uses the seasons, which I found very appropriate for something fairy-themed.  I am always excited when I come across anything-fairy, so of course I had pre-ordered this deck as soon as it was available.

When I first unwrapped the deck, I spent some time studying each card, and soon became lost in the beauty of each card.  The amount of detail in these images is absolutely amazing…they have an explanation and key words on each card, but really, when I look at these cards, I don’t need that.  The imagery is so perfect for each and every card.  This is definitely my favourite of the Virtue & Valentine tarot decks.

If you’re into traditional tarot, you may not like this deck as much, as it does stray from tradition, as I’ve described above.  However, if you don’t mind things being untraditional, and find that decks focused on fairies speak to you, I would encourage you to give this deck a look…I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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