IMG_0263I’ll start off by saying that the name “The Psychic Tarot” is a bit misleading on this deck – it is more a cross between an oracle deck and a tarot deck, leaning towards the oracle side of things.  This was a somewhat new concept to me when I purchased this deck (I have nothing else that follows this format to this extent), but I wasn’t going to let that stop me, and you shouldn’t either!

The Psychic Tarot is a very robust deck – it is one of the biggest that I have, not in the size of cards, but in the size of the deck itself.  Lots of cards…you really have your hands full when you use it!  John Holland has done a fantastic job with this deck – it has so many uses.

There are a lot of specific cards (chakras, etc.), and I find that sometimes using the whole deck can be a bit overwhelming and inappropriate for a reading.  When that’s the case, I’ll sometimes pull certain sets of cards from it (again, the chakras as an example) and ONLY use those cards.  I’ve also used cards from this deck to represent people or things when conducting Reiki healing sessions.

The artwork on these cards is absolutely stunning.  Periodically, I’ll pull out decks and just look through them, allowing my energy to flow into them and their energy to flow into me, and this deck is one of my favourites for that.  It’s such a rich and powerful deck, that I can’t help it!

One thing to note about these cards is that, due to the sheer number and variety of them, they may not be suitable for absolute beginners.  Some decks are well suited to beginners (a lot of Doreen Virtue’s decks, for example), but I would be wary of recommending this one to someone who has no experience.  The number of cards and the diversity of their meanings could be a bit overwhelming.  However, if you’ve had a bit of experience, then definitely don’t shy away from this one!



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