Salt in spoonIt’s no secret that salt is one of the most vital things most witches have.  It’s also no secret that there are an unthinkable amount of uses for salt in all aspects of our lives.  In this post, I’ll cover some of the most common uses, and some of the ways I use salt in my daily life.

Even in times when there wasn’t necessarily much available for witches, as long as there was a body of seawater available somewhere, there was salt.  I’ve extracted my own salt from the sea (I’m blessed to live within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean) and, while it is a process that can take a long time to yield enough salt to be useful, it is very rewarding, and I’ve found that salt to be my absolute favourite for use in spells and protection magic.  I don’t put it in anything I’m going to consume or anyone else is going to consume, but there are loads of ways to use it.  If you’re going to be ingesting something with your salt in it, make sure you use culinary-grade salt so that you know it’s safe to take internally.

If I’m buying salt, I tend to go for coarse sea salt…the coarser, the better!  The exception to this rule is if I know I’ll be dissolving it…then I’ll either pick up some already-ground sea salt, or grind it myself with my mortar and pestle.  You don’t need to use sea salt if it’s not accessible to you (it tends to be more pricey than its table counterpart)…any salt will do!

What I’m listing here are, of course, not ALL uses for salt – just some of the most common and some of my favourites.

  • Psychic protection:  Salt has been used for psychic protection since people started using salt because of its magical properties!  It is without a doubt one of the most-used substances because of this.  Use salt around yourself and your home to help aid in psychic protection.  Common ways of doing this include sprinkling a little salt in the corners of each room of your house, and surrounding the house itself with salt.  If you don’t have enough salt for that, or it’s not practical (you live in an apartment, etc.), a  little salt under your door and on your window sills can help keep negative psychic phenomena out.  Some people bathe in water with added salt prior to conducting psychic work to cleanse and protect themselves.  If you’re a person who casts a circle for your magical work, you might want to try outlining your circle with salt.
  • Purification and cleansing:  There are few things that are more purifying and cleansing than salt.  Objects buried in salt or washed in salt water are stripped of anything negative they may be carrying around, and are ready to serve you and allow you to work with them the way you need and/or want to.  I keep a little bag of sea salt in the box where my tarot and oracle cards live, and every week or so I take it out, spread the salt outside so it can go back to the earth, and replace it with clean salt.  I’ve never had a problem with my cards where I felt like there was something negative clinging to them, and I attribute this to my bag of salt.
  • Cleansing of crystals:  Salt is a common way to clean crystals, especially if you are not able to put them out to absorb the moonlight.  Depending on the type of crystal, it may be suitable to wash them with salt water, or simply lay them in a pile of salt.  Please keep in mind that some types of crystals should NOT get wet, and you should always research this before doing anything that involves putting your crystals in anything or washing them.  Some types will interact negatively with the water, and you may lose your crystals entirely, or damage them beyond repair.
  • Healing:  Whenever I make a healing salve, balm, or cream, I add a pinch of sea salt to the mix when it’s being heated.  The same goes for any tonics or brews that I’m making up.  Salt’s healing properties are enormous, and adding a pinch to whatever you’re making can help amplify the intended effect.  If it’s something that someone is going to drink, make sure you keep the pinch of salt small, as too much salt in something that a person is drinking can cause vomiting.

How do you use salt in your daily life?

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