Reiki ShareAs someone who has an extensive history of practicing various healing arts, I’ve always felt a bit like a failure at healing myself.  My health hasn’t been the best for a number of years, but sometimes I think I’ve just been too busy healing others to notice, until things get to their breaking point.

Healing is a funny thing – whether you’re in the healing profession as something like a Reiki practitioner, or are trained in Western medicine, somehow it’s always easier to take care of others than it is to take care of yourself.

I have a couple of conditions that are somewhat chronic and flare up from time to time, but I deal with it – because hey, you can’t think about it too much and dwell on it, if you’re crazily busy all the time!  I’m a bit of a workaholic, and it’s so easy to just work constantly and ignore what my body is telling me.

Mental health, physical health, spiritual health…they are all connected, and when you neglect one, the others suffer.  I know that in the times of my greatest work overload, all three suffer for me, and it can take a really long time to recover.

There are some things that I try and do every day, such as eating well, taking the supplements my Chinese medicine doctor has suggested, and giving myself at least one daily Reiki session, but at the busiest of times and when I need them the most, these fall to the wayside.

I can’t be the only one that things everything is ok until something crashes, and then sees the signs in retrospect, when it is far, FAR too late to repair what’s been undone.  As much as we like to blame ourselves when our health crumbles…most of the time, it’s not our fault.  Of course, that doesn’t stop our thoughts...if only I had eaten better, slept more, meditated, taken those vitamins, gotten more exercise...the list that our mind throws at us is endless.  It’s terrifying, sometimes.  We are our own worst enemies when it comes to criticism.

For me, I find that once I’ve reached that breaking point, I need to pull myself together and take time to do all the things I’ve been neglecting…sleep, eat properly, meditate, give myself Reiki…important things in my life.  We all need sleep, and we all need to eat properly…meditation and Reiki are optional, of course, but I have made them part of my routine of self-care.

When we can’t heal ourselves, it’s important to seek proper medical care.  Personally, I’ve sought the care of Western medicine, and, when that was not able to provide me with satisfactory results, I turned to traditional Chinese medicine.  I have acupuncture sessions twice a week, and take three Chinese herbal supplements, and I have noticed great improvements.  My sleep schedule is more regular now (no more burning the midnight oil for me), I have more energy, and overall I’m just happier and more relaxed.

I’ve also cut out some of my work, choosing to focus on other things and drop some things to save my sanity.  That’s the nice thing about freelance work…you can be picky if you need to be, and can select the clients YOU want to work with, assuming you’ve got enough to pay the bills.

Taking care of yourself should be your #1 priority, regardless of who or where you are.  If you don’t take care of yourself, and your body, mind, or spirit breaks, how can you continue to do the things people count on you to do?  If you’re a healer, for example, you can’t heal people if you don’t take care of yourself and make sure that you’re physically and mentally able to do so!  A teacher can’t teach if they don’t give themselves the tools they need to rest and recover from the demands of that job.  I could go on and on.  Taking care of yourself is REALLY important!

I’m interested to read what kinds of things my readers do for self-care…leave a comment and let me know!  You guys are usually a fairly quiet bunch, but I’m really interested to see others share their knowledge and techniques – it can be a learning activity for everyone involved.

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