Hi everyone,

daily2Lots of exciting news to share, so I thought I’d put it all together in one post for your convenience.

First of all, I invite you to peruse the site a bit – I’ve freshened it up a bit.  In the shop, you’ll find new images for all of the items, and new prices to go along with them!.  I also have three BRAND NEW reading types coming soon!  Be sure to stay tuned for their release…I will post about them here, on Facebook and on Instagram every time I release one, and each one will be discounted by 50% for the first 3 days after its release.  A great opportunity to grab the new readings at a fantastic discount!

I had considered letting you guys know what the new reading types will be, but I think I’ll leave them to be surprises!  They will be released over the next couple of weeks, one at a time

Second, I wanted to let you guys know that I’m going to be starting a daily card pull on Instagram, effective tomorrow (Monday, July 18).

Please click here to follow my Instagram page, to make sure you never miss a card!  This is something I’ve done sporadically since I joined Instagram, but I’d like to make it a regular, daily thing, since several people have asked for it.

Finally, I’ve had a number of requests for a basic pendulum chart…and what you request, I will deliver!  Please see below to download this chart.

Click here to access the free downloads page!

Thank you for reading!  I look forward to receiving your comments on the changes that are coming up over the next little while.

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