I’m Bottle Of Essential Oil With Herbs Holy Basil Flower, Basil Flowwanting to hear from you guys!  I absolutely love doing posts featuring certain herbs, but I know that what I like might not be what you guys want to read about!

Please take two seconds to submit your top 5 favourite herbs in the form below, so that I’ve got some guidance!  Don’t have 5?  No problem….submit how ever many you’d like.

As you can see from the form, this is completely anonymous…I will not know who submits what, so you’re free to submit anything you’d like.  As you know, I’m always looking to post the things that my readers are looking for.

Whether your favourites are the run-of-the-mill, every day ones (lavender, chamomile, etc.) or more obscure things, I would love some ideas for herbs to feature on my blog.  I’d also love it if you leave a comment highlighting WHY you love the herbs that you do, and what you use them for.  Let’s have some fun with this!  In the coming weeks, I’ll do a similar poll for crystals as well.  Stay tuned for that one!

Please list your top 5 favourite herbs, in order from 1-5.

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