We’ve done herbs, and we’ve done crystals…it was only a matter of time until tarot and oracle cards came into the mix!  There are so many great decks out there…a lot of the mainstream ones are fantastic, but there are also tons of great indie decks out there.  All types are welcome in these polls…variety is the spice of life, of course!  Please take a moment to submit your favourite decks below.

I’d also love it if you leave a comment highlighting WHY you love the decks that you do.

The results of these two polls will be tallied up, and I’ll do posts about the top decks for both tarot and oracle cards.  Make sure you get those submissions in!

I’ve provided separate forms for tarot and oracle decks…feel free to fill out only one, or both!  It’s completely up to you.

Please list your top 5 favourite oracle decks, in order from 1-5.

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